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Mark Ludas PN1-NC is the founder and sole proprietor of Resistance Quest Fitness.

After a strenuous, asthma-plagued childhood, Mark didn’t discover the world of exercise until his mid-20s. Since then, he has amassed over 10 years of CONTINUOUS fitness experience, including working as a personal trainer since 2013, and has been an independent small business owner since 2016.

After ten years in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree, Mark graduated from Montclair State University in 2013 with a degree in English. Far from detracting from his work as a fitness professional, Mark’s English degree only sharpened his natural linguistic skill and understanding of the human soul (as taught only in Humanities courses) to fashion himself into a fitness professional capable of remaining in business far longer than a lot of other fitness professionals with Exercise Science or other fitness-oriented degrees.

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How does he do it? Whereas a lot of other trainers and fitness pros buy into an “all or nothing,” “no excuses” type of worldview, Mark understands that our lives our complicated. Because our economic system recognizes the inherent value of specialization, most people have spent their lives “specializing” in only one or two things; usually careers or families. Very often, through no fault of their own, “fitness” (whatever that means exactly) is not one of those things.

These other trainers would make people feel bad for this fact. They see people as either “winners” or “losers”: if you completely buy into THEIR worldview and THEIR idea of fitness, you’re obviously a winner. If you want to maintain something resembling your actual life, and you aren’t willing to give up twenty hours a week to something that you may currently derive no pleasure from, and you don’t want to sacrifice the thing that’s been most important in your life up to this point (remember specialization?), then you’re clearly a loser.

Mark believes this is idiotic. There’s a good reason most of THOSE trainers don’t last in this business. They are incapable of understanding that, on the whole, human beings are not as simple as they are. Most people are not “obsessed” with fitness, AND THAT’S OKAY. These people include doctors, teachers, mechanics, homemakers, parents, lawyers, accountants, construction workers, baristas, musicians, artists, craftspeople, and journalists: the folks WHO MAKE SOCIETY FUNCTION. They decided to focus on THESE things instead. What’s wrong with that?

Nothing. But what we can all agree is “wrong,” or at least undesirable, is poor health. What Mark does is he helps people integrate fitness into their lives to the extent that they can, want to, and need to. He brings them into, as he calls it, The Fitness Society, and pushes them to the level they need to reach to meet THEIR goals, not his.

Whether you’ve never worked out before, or you want to push yourself to the next level, Resistance Quest Fitness is here for you, to tap into the inner strength that ALL HUMANS POSSESS to face the challenges that lay before us, even the ones we select.

That’s why the motto of Resistance Quest Fitness is both loving and a little scary, because it describes a process that is necessary in all human endeavor, and that we all do everyday of our lives, including you:

Embrace Your Power.
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